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    What is Battlestations?

    "Deep Ones in Deep Space" has arrived!

    Adventure between the starry arms of the galaxy, where H.P. Lovecraft's dark visions can be seen in shadows.

    Battlestations is a pulp sci fi adventure boardgame. Ongoing adventures feature simultaneous ship-to-ship and boarding combat in space. Players work together as a starship crew aboard a ship of their own design facing referee-controlled forces. You’ll track the heroes' positions on the starship layouts and the starships’ positions on the space map. The action in Battlestations is character driven. If you want the ship to turn, speed up, or launch a missile or blast the enemy ship, a hero has to take an action to make it so.

    Take action to defeat enemy warships, resolve alien encounters or adventure through uncharted astral phenomena.

    With the expanding Battlestations universe, there's always a new adventure in the stars!

    Galactic Civil War Available in PDF Format!


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    Playing Pieces Download

    Character Pieces PDF download now available


  • Battlestations is back on the shelves!
  • Pirates of Trundlia
  • Starship figures are Here!
  • Galactic Civil War
  • Pax Galacticum
  • The Planet of Dr. Moreau
  • How Much For Your Planet?

    Battlestations Starship Figures (Pewter) to debut at Gen Con, Indiana! Visit us at the GPA: Booth 401

    Small Craft Warning: Lifeboat just released!

    Lifeboat is a devious card game of underhanded back stabbing and secret support aboard a lifeboat adrift at sea. The passengers must cooperate to survive, but each has their own agenda!

    This game is not related to Battlestations, other than that it was designed by Jeff Siadek and published by Gorilla Games.


    Frappr has a mapping system where you can see Battlestations players around the world. Add your name to the crew!

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  • Peter Curufea's Battlestations Wiki
  • Battlestations Figures - Painted by John Newman
  • Original art by Robert Posada

    Battlestations is YouTubed!

    Some Brazillian humans have taped the adventures of the zoallan cruiser, the Aerosol Bomber and put them on the interweb for your enjoyment. NOTE: Most episodes are in Portuguese, with some English subtitling.
    The unique intros to every episode are classic homages, and the Battlestations action is clear in any language: hull checks are blown on both sides of the war, and clones will be activated!

    Musket Mosquito
    Torch (as Zyx)
    Deutsche Lele (as Noodles)
    and Lucy Lu (as Leelaya)
    Mission 16 - Foil Research (NEW)
    Mission 15 - Blockade
    Mission 14 - Prisoner Exchange
    Mission 13 - Trap!
    Mission 12 - Interdiction, Part I
    Mission 12 - Interdiction, Part II
    Mission 11 - Deep Space Probe
    Mission 11 - Deep Space Probe, Part II
    Mission 10 - Black Hole
    Mission 9 - Infestation
    Mission 8 - Stasis Ville
    Mission 7 - Outpost Assault
    Mission 6 - Terrorist Cruiser Liner, Part I (Portuguese only)
    Mission 6 - Terrorist Cruiser Liner, Part II (Portuguese only)
    Mission 4 - Asteroid Investigation (Portuguese only)

    New to the Site:

    (May 14, 2007)
    The Planet of Dr. Moreau is now shipping!
    Pirates of Trundlia is on its way to the press!

    (February 20th, 2006)
    Find Battlestations players around the world on Frappr.

    (January 4th, 2006)
    Tips & Pointers has been re-vamped.
    (November 17th, 2005)
    Come visit us at Booth #600, we'll have Tee Shirts, expansions, figures & you can join in the Living Battlestations campaign!
    (October 21st, 2005)
    On November 19th, 2005, you are invited to join the first ever: Indiana Battlestations Battlecon!
    It's a special PvP mission with hidden information, multiple referees, and unstoppable fun from 11:30am on. So repair that Hyperdrive and warp-in. Click on the link to read the rules of engagement...
    (at Atomic Hobbies in Fort Wayne)

    (October 2nd, 2005)
    The rules have been translated to German, by the fantastiche (the extent of MY German) Thomas Reuter!
    German (Deutsche) Character Sheet PDF
    German Rules (Deutsche Regles) PDF
    German Charts DOC
    See you at Essen! Booth #614

    (June 1st, 2005)
    Galactic Civil War is shipping!
    Tips for making the character pieces. This isn't new, but if you're new to Battlestations, you should check this out!

    (March 22nd 2005)
    Mine Patrol
    Retailer Locator

    (February 15th, 2005) Starport
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