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    Devlin's Notes on Good Starfaring

    For those who look forward to advancing in rank and paygrade, we (the
    crew of the Trojan) encourage you to savor the days you have as a
    lowly Ensign.
    I am Marine with Rank 5 and a veteran of many missions aboard the
    infamous U.R.E.F. Trojan (now a defector and viable asset in the
    Rebel Alliance), space docked at Underground Games in St. Louis, MO.
    As such, I thought it would be useful to share some observations the
    crew of the Trojan are experiencing.
    Most crew members aboard the ship are between Ranks 3-6. Which means
    with around 5-7 crew members aboard ship any given week and a total
    crew rank between 25-35 the enemies we frequently encounter on our
    weekly missions are very very tough. Lately they have had around 9
    in their primary and around 3 in all their secondary stats with an
    Athletics of around 5 or 6.
    What this translates to in game terms is very tough missions. How
    does a crew still prevail against very tough adversaries?
    1) Begin with a fair and knowledgable Game Master. Designated Rules
    Guy for the Battlestations Yahoo Group: Patrick Crowley / aka:
    Gunslinger is one of the best. He is very knowledgable of the rules
    and always modifies the scenarios slighly to add some unique personal
    flair to the mission. If anyone crosses the line he politely yet
    definitively sets things back in order very quickly. What he says is
    final and its the law!
    2) Have a Captain thats a good leader. Without a good leader the
    entire ship is in chaos and most missions are doomed to fail.
    Captain Dick Blaster is one of the best in the Rebel Alliance and
    keeps all crew members focused on our objective and the most prudent
    course of action needed. All aboard the Trojan would follow him into
    Hell if he led us there.
    3) Teamwork. Back each other up at all times. This is more and more
    essential as each crew member on the ship advances in rank because
    the missions continuously grow in difficulty. All it takes is one
    crew member on their own personal agenda and before you know it the
    objective is lost and the crew are bug/alien food. Knock on wood,
    the Trojan's misson success rate is very high due largely to our
    great teamwork.
    4) Have at least 1 crew member with a strong primary attribute for
    the battlestation they are manning. It takes high skill to pull off
    tough maneuvers, so start specializing in skill and abilities to help
    you better achieve your ships goals and that means sometimes its
    better to raise skills or take abilities that benefit the whole crew
    not just the individual.
    5) Double up on good pilots and always have someone close by to
    assist them. The larger your ship (Trojan is Size 7) the harder it
    is to navigate. Lately we started having two good pilots at the helm
    at all times. Watching this dynamic duo in action last week was a
    thing of beauty and in a pinch our Science Officer frequently
    assisted them. Triple teaming at the helm allowes the Trojan to make
    moves most large ships can only think about.
    6) You can never have too many Marines. Whether manning Missiles or
    Blasters aboard your ship, defending your ship from unwanted boarding
    parties or when boarding an enemy vessel Marines are often the
    critical crew members that determine success or failure.
    7) Make sure your boarding parties work as a Fire Team that
    coordinate their attacks and back each other up. One lone Marine
    aboard an enemy vessel is soon to be a dead Marine, especially when
    encountering Aliens with higher ranks and skill levels, which is
    always the case with the crew of the Trojan. Also, make sure a Medic
    is part of your Fire Team. We have found him at critical times to be
    the most valuable member of Fire Team. Many a boarding mission would
    have ended in disaster if a Medic hadn't risked life and limb to come
    to a Marine in aid.
    8) Never underestimate the value of an Engineer. The Trojan takes
    a lot of power to operate and our Engineers are the best in the
    fleet. Engineers are the one key invaluable multi-purpose crew
    member aboard the ship. They are always upgrading modules on the
    ship to make every battlestation more effective; repairing modules
    that are damaged; running to the gun modules to change them from
    blasters, to multi-barrel blasters, to lasers; dumping trash when a
    flight of missiles are chasing you, running from engine room to
    engine room to maximize power and even manning the tractor beams.
    One thing can be sure, if your an Engineer increased movement
    enhancement (such as a cyberfoot) is definitely in your future
    because you will move around the ship more than any other crew member.
    Marine Devlin SureShot
    aka: Chewy
    Crew Member on the Trojan

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