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    Here you'll find the flotsam and jetsam of the Orion Spur. Galactic driftwood collects here, as well as uncharted regions of space.

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    Added April 20th, 2005

    Battlestations' first supplement, Galactic Civil War, is at the printers!

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    Here's the cover and the back cover, and here's an interior shot, and another.

    Added April 20th, 2005

    Mine Patrol: A Flash Adventure on the Perimeter of Battlestations!

    Added February 17th, 2005

    The Iron Barbell: In Depth Mission Report by Alex Baker

    Added December 28th, 2004

    Marine Devlin Sureshot Speaks to New Recruits & Scrubs

    Quarantine: Acting Captain of the Bot Bucket Express recounts his recent adventures with 'scurvy knaves...'

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    Submitted by Jeff Siadek

    There have been recent reports of deadly raids originating from a region of space thought to be uninhabited since it was originally explored by the late great pioneer of astrocartography Diane Lynn Meek. The raiders have been described as “cat-people” in the limited transmissions that were the only things that have escaped their ferocious attacks. The tentac science ship that first picked up a distress call from the region has dubbed these cat people as “Meeks”. They could have chosen from any of a number of names but Tentacs rarely pass up an opportunity for irony.


    Hands 2
    Move 4
    Base Hit Points 5
    Target # 8
    Can Wear Armor

    Special Ability: Claws
    Meeks get a free melee attack each phase in addition to any other action. This attack deals 1d6 of damage. It may also be used for free attacks when an enemy enters the space of a meek.

    Culture and history
    Virtually nothing is known about the meeks other than that their raids come from what was thought to be an uninhabited region of space and strike brutally before returning. Attempts to locate them and invite them to join the Universal Republic have been fruitless. Several exploratory diplomatic missions have been sent but none have returned. Recordings of their communications in battle that have survived show them speaking in English. It is not known why. Some speculate that they have observed and studied English (the official language of the U.R.) so as to be able to use it in combat without even giving us a clue as to their origins. For some reason, their English seems to have a decidedly French accent.

    Short Story: Commander Happyfrown Takes Command (in PDF format)
    By Jeff Siadek

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